What is a unit trust?

A unit trust is a pool of money managed collectively by professional fund managers.

By buying units into the trust, your money will be pooled with that of other investors and invested according to the unit trust's objectives.

For example, if you invest in a China fund, the fund manager will invest your money by tapping into investment opportunities within China.

Ways to invest

Lump-sum investment
Make a one-time investment on a fund and take immediate advantage of the underlying market.

Monthly investments
Make regular investments from as low as S$100* a month and even out market risks in the long run.

*Varies with different funds

Fund Prices

* unit trust are priced on a weekly basis
** unit trust are priced on a monthly basis
# These funds are restricted schemes offered only to accredited investors and certain other persons as defined under section 305 of the Securities and Futures Act. As such, they are not offered to the retail public.