Treasury Products

Structured deposits

It is a combination of a deposit and an investment product. The return on a structured deposit is usually dependent on the performance of an underlying financial instrument.

The full principal amount of the investment will be returned to you if you hold your investment to maturity, and the bank remains solvent.

Minimum amount is S$5,000.

Investing in structured deposits


You can participate in the performance of an underlying financial instrument (e.g. equity, foreign exchange) without risking your principal.

Earn potentially higher returns than normal deposits because structured deposits take advantage of a particular view of the financial market. The returns are usually linked to reference instruments or assets.


Your full principal amount would be returned to you only if investment is held to maturity. Otherwise, there will be partial loss to your principal.

If you receive the full principal plus returns (if applicable) upon early termination, you may still be exposed to re-investment risks

In some situations, you may not get any interest payout for some or all interest payment periods.