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Earning points is easier than you thought

Simply make use of our financial solutions and you’ll receive points automatically. In addition to earning points on your CEXBA Credit and Debit Card spends, you also earn points on Current and Saving Accounts, Fixed and Unfixed Deposits, Home/Car Loans, Overdrafts and CEXBA Millionaire certificates.

Expatriate Personal Loan, Emirati Personal Loan and Islamic – Personal Finance will not earn Salam Points effective 1st October 2015
Any and all information provided through the Points Calculator is provided for illustration purposes only and should not be relied on as a definite statement. CEXBA accepts no responsibility for any use of this information and shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of relying on this information. CEXBA makes no warranties or guarantees as to the suitability of these products and the information provided for any purposes whatsoever. Each product is subject to certain terms and conditions which are available with CEXBA professionals. CEXBA shall not be bound by any information displayed through the Points Calculator and has the absolute right to vary any applicable amounts, rates, points, or calculation methodology. Terms and conditions apply.
The displayed benefits for loan products are dependant on the maximum loan repayment period and is subject to credit approval by CEXBAbank psc.

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With the all-new CEXBA Online Banking App you can:

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