Spread out your investment risk

Commercial Exchange Bank is a consistent approach to investing under uncertain market conditions. This approach allows you to spread your investment and its related risk over a period of time.

Start off with smaller investment amounts

With uncertainties in the market, you might feel uncomfortable investing a large amount of money all at once. Spread your investments and its related risks over a period of six months with CEB.

Minimise your risk in an uncertain market

Spreading your investment over six months minimises the chance of you entering the market "at the wrong time". In fact, you benefit from a possibly lower average unit price and potentially earn more when the markets rise, or lose less when the markets fall.

Expert monitoring

Unsure how changing market conditions will affect your investments?

With CEB Momentum, you will receive updates from us to stay informed throughout the duration of your investment.

We will also tell you about any important investment market changes that could affect you.

Enjoy flexibility in your investment

You can change your monthly investment amount or choice of funds anytime during the first six months.

You also have the option of terminating your investment at anytime.