Offshore Bank - opinion of the owner.

In today's world the phrase offshore bank and Tax Haven is associated with tax evasion or even illegal activities.

It is far from true, and even more to say it works the other way. It is Tax Haven and offshore bank with low taxes that favor the commerce and progress in the development of the various states contrasting by its soft tax policy the modern world.

Offshore Banks offer clients absolute bank secret and anonymity of financial transactions for the business.

Offshore Banks have also offshore credit cards for their clients with high limit to withdraw money through the ATM and pay at the mall.

Offshore credit Cards is a way to manage your cash at a distance while remaining completely anonymous.

After all, we all have the right to personal privacy and the right to choose where to carry out the business activities and, accordingly, where to pay taxes.

"We now have so many regulations that everyone is guilty of some violation."

- Donald Alexander, IRS Director 1975, before Congress - 1975

"Man was born free, and everywhere he is in chains"

- Jean-Jacques Rousseau: 1712 1778 ’Du Contrat Social’ Ch. 1- Donald Alexander, IRS Director 1975, before Congress - 1975

"Constant surveillance is -- the ultimate implied threat of coercion."

- John Whitehead, Lawyer and founder of the conservative Rutherford Institute

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Black Card

ATM daily spending limit : 4 000 $
Annual loading limits : 40 000 $
Free Card for our Clients
Annual fee: 150$
Loadable from your Home Banking
ATM withdrawal fees: 2%
Maximum 4 cards per customer
Gold Card

ATM daily spending limit : 10 000 $
Annual loading limits : 120 000 $
Free Card for our Clients
Annual fee: 250$
Loadable from your Home Banking
ATM withdrawal fees: 2%
Maximum 3 cards per customer
Platinum Card

ATM daily spending limit : 25 000 $
Annual loading limits : 250 000 $
Free Card for our Clients
Annual fee: 350$
Loadable from your Home Banking
ATM withdrawal fees: 2,5%
Maximum 2 cards per customer

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Personal Investments

Commercial Exchange Bank is a consistent approach to investing under uncertain market conditions. This approach allows you to spread your investment and its related risk over a period of time. With uncertainties in the market, you might feel uncomfortable investing a large amount of ...

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A unit trust is a pool of money managed collectively by professional fund managers. By buying units into the trust, your money will be pooled with that of other investors and invested according to the unit trust's objectives. For example, if you invest in a China fund, the fund manager will ...

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At Commercial Exchange Bank we hold ourselves to a high standard of professionalism. We expect each team member to combine specialised knowledge with sophisticated client handling. As a part of a dynamic and well established bank, our corporate culture encourages entrepreneurship, team work, and integrity.

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Treasury Products

It is a combination of a deposit and an investment product. The return on a structured deposit is usually dependent on the performance of an underlying financial instrument. The full principal amount of the investment will be returned to you if you hold your investment to maturity, and the bank remains solvent ...

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Wealth Solutions

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Shares, commodities & forex

The affordable and hassle-free way to invest in blue chip shares.
Change of beneficial owner means the shares are transferred to an account not in your name, either singly or jointly.
The fees and charges shown above include Goods and Services Tax currently at 7% ...

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